Digital X-ray (800 mA X-ray with IITV)

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Digital X-ray (radiography) uses sensitive plates to capture data during the scan, immediately transferring it to a system without using an intermediate cassette. It increases efficiency by bypassing chemical processing and increases the ability to share and enhance images digitally. Also, less radiation is used to produce an image of similar contrast to traditional radiography.

At Nanda Diagnostics, we offer highly advanced X-Ray equipment (800 mA X-Ray with IITV connected to provide quick, precise, and accurate X-rays.

Advantages of using Digital 800mA X-ray with IITV
  • Less exposure to radiation as compared to traditional X-ray
  • Digital X-rays are environment-friendly.
  • It can be monitored within seconds of taking the image.
  • It can be enhanced and enlarged for better diagnostics.
  • It can be sent to specialists via email.
  • It can be recorded in an electronic patient file for immediate retrieval. 
  • For the majority of examinations, there is no preparation required. 
  • You may continue to eat and drink and take your medication as usual. 
  • A staff member will contact you with specific instructions if any preparation is required.
  • If you are pregnant kindly inform the technician
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