The renal artery Doppler ultrasound s a non-invasive test that uses high-frequency sound waves to measure the blood flow into and out of the kidneys. If you have uncontrolled high blood pressure, the test is recommended to determine narrowing blood vessels leading to each kidney from the aorta. During the examination, tiny blood vessels within each kidney are thoroughly examined.

What happens during Renal Doppler Test?

A Renal Doppler Ultrasound takes approximately 30 minutes. Similar to ultrasound, a water-based gel will be placed on your abdomen. The technician will use a small hand-held device that emits sound waves to produce images of the arteries on your abdomen and ribcage. He can ask you to perform various breathing techniques helping to obtain the best images of your organs. You may experience mild to moderate pressure while the technician performs the test.

  • You will need to fast for 6 hours. Overnight fasting is better
  • If you are a diabetic, disclose it at the time of taking the appointment so that you can be given an early appointment and carry your breakfast with you which you can take once the examination is over, ensure to keep your kidneys well-hydrated.
  • Wear loose clothing.
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